Suffering Heroes

Kara Crombie

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Nov 15, 1864 – General Sherman's March to the Sea

Catastrophe. Mythology. Creation. Digital media artist Kara Crombie creates parallel worlds in her serial web exhibition, Suffering Heroes. Follow the civil war story of Buttons, a prophetic slave who witnesses the tragedy at Ebenezer Creek during General Sherman’s infamous march to the Sea. Button's interprets the event as a new American myth about our cultural tendency to find creative energy in the ashes of destruction. Meanwhile, a musically gifted slave named Alphabet Soup struggles to make sense of his own internal suffering as he waits to perform for thousands of confederate soldiers. Like Job in the Old Testament, Alphabet does not find solace in the arguments of his friends who try to justify his suffering with ancient explanations, until Button's arrives with a new perspective based on his prophetic visions and revelations about a distinctly American collective experience.

A serial narrative broken into three acts, each three minutes in length. The fates of Buttons and Chris, their dual narratives, are revealed by you – decide which section to watch next -- the past or the future.

Artistic Credits

Kara Crombie - Visual Artist

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