1492, Music and Dance from Spain to the Americas

Latin Fiesta / Concilio

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Oct 12, 1492 – Columbus Lands in America

Maria del Pico Taylor and international guest artists take you on a time traveling journey inspired by Columbus arrival in the New World.

Beginning in 9th century Spain experience the mélange of exotic coexistent cultures. Hear a beautiful melody sung by Zyriab, the famous Moorish singer, as you pass by the vocal school he founded in Cordoba, Spain; let a poignant Jewish song reach your ears as you approach the Mezquita. Turn the corner and become mesmerized by the passionate sounds of a Gypsy Juerga, a festive gathering of singing, guitar playing, and flamenco dancing. Next stop is Mexico in the 1400 Century. where you will experience an Aztec dance in full costume. While in Mexico fast forward to the 1800 Century and experience the joy of Mexican Mariachi music . Get back on your time machine, move forward a few years and visit a classical music concert in Spain. Compare the parallel experiences and rejoice in the richness of our folklore.

Our final stop will be 19th century Cuba ,where sounds will range from nostalgic Cuban melodies to irresistible hip swaying Salsa Finally join the Conga line with our authentic Comparsa which showcases fiery percussion, including the “frying pan” and twirling “Farolas” (lanterns). A unique multimedia music and dance stage show about our musical roots and their transformation as a result of the multicultural encounters unleashed by Christopher Columbus journey in 1492, a defining moment in history. This is a multifaceted project. Spain , Mexico and Cuba are the focus of this presentation. Other countries will be featured in subsequent presentations.

This project is created in collaboration with CONCILIO of Spanish Speaking Organizations.

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Artistic Credits

Latin Fiesta Artists:
Maria del Pico Taylor - Piano
Raymond Taylor - Violin
Vania Taylor-Watson- Singer
Liliana Ruiz - Flamenco / Latin Dancer
Jorge Maldonado - Salsa Singer
Cynthia Folio - Flute
Fernando Valencia - Latin Percussion
Cuco Aponte - Congas/Latin Percussion
Tom Lowery - Bongoes / Latin Percussion
Victor Pablo Gaetan -Timbales/Latin Percussion
Mickey Rivera - Latin Percussion
Will Andujar Jr. - Bass

Guest Artists:
Kenan Adnawi - Oud & Andalucian Singing
Ballet Folklorico Acapulco
Greg Kettinger - Cuban Tres Guitar
Andreas Arnold - Flamenco Guitar
La Conja- Flamenco singer
Emiliano Pardo Tristan - Classical Guitar
Mariachi Philadelphia
Antonio Romero - Salsa Dancer
Cantor Kerith Spencer-Shapiro, Soprano
Alberto Rios - Sephardic Singer

Artistic Director and Project Designer - Maria del Pico Taylor
Co Artistic Director for Dance - Liliana Ruiz
Stage Manager - Jamie Johnson
Lighting Designer - Adam Macks

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